Public Notices
Apr 7, 2017

Call for Final Comments on Tax Practice Disclosure for Voluntary Disclosure Agreements

Sent on behalf of Alison Jares, Chair, State and Local Advisory Council (SLAC)

Dear SLAC Members:
As the Streamlined Sales Tax Governing Board SLAC Chair, I am calling for final comments on the new draft tax practices for disclosure titled Voluntary Disclosure Agreements (SL17002A01), as provided in Rule 335 – Tax Administration Practices. The disclosed practices will be added to the online taxability matrix as shown in document SL17003A01.

These disclosed practices, the layout of the practices in the taxability matrix and any comments received will be discussed at the May 9, 2017 SLAC meeting in Bismarck, ND.  These documents will be noticed for discussion and a vote at the May 10 - 11 Governing Board meeting in Bismarck, ND.

If you have comments with respect to any of these documents, please provide those comments by April 27, 2017.

Please email your comments to the SLAC Chair, Alison Jares at and Vice Chair, Christie Comanita at

Thank you!
Alison Jares
Chair, State and Local Advisory Council