I canceled my registration. Do I still need to file returns?
Answer:  You must file all returns and pay all tax due from the date you registered through the date you cancel your registration. 


  Jane registered through the Streamlined Sales Tax Registration System and
  indicated the first sales date of January 1, 2016.  On February 21, 2016,
  Jane decided to end her registration.

  •  If Jane filed returns monthly she must file a return and remit the tax
     collected for February 1, 2016, through February 21, 2016. A return was
     already filed for January 2016.

  •  If Jane filed annually or quarterly, she must file a return and remit the tax
     collected for the period that includes January 1, 2016, through February
     21, 2016.

If you collect tax after your registration is canceled, you are responsible for remitting those taxes.  Contact the state directly for instructions on remitting that tax. 

Canceling a registration does not remove your tax liability for any taxable sales made after the cancellation in states in which you are legally required to be registered. 

You may receive notices or demand letters from states if no final return is received.  Please contact the state directly if you have questions concerning any notices you receive