What if I mistakenly registered through the Streamlined Sales Tax Registration System (SSTRS), or I no longer want to participate?

Answer:  You may end your registration through the SSTRS at any time. Ending your registration will close your account in ALL Streamlined member states.

Go to www.sstregister.org and click on “I Want to Update my Registration”. You will need your SSTID and password to continue. Click on “Going Out of Business or End Registration through Streamlined in All States” and follow the instructions to cancel your registration.

You are responsible for filing returns through your last date of business and must remit any tax due to each state.

If you received an amnesty from any Streamlined state, you will lose that amnesty if you cancel your registration within 36 months of registration. 

Select “Going Out of Business” if you have closed or sold your business. All Streamlined member states will close your sales tax account on the date you indicate.  

Select “Ending My Registration Through This System” if you are still in business, but no longer wish to be registered through the SSTRS.  You may then select the states you need to be registered in from a list of the Streamlined member states. These states may require you to apply for a new sales tax registration or they may allow you to continue with your current registration. However, you are responsible for contacting each state to determine your registration and reporting requirements.

If you have a legal obligation to be registered in a state, you should consult with that state or your attorney or accountant before you cancel your registration to determine the requirements for remaining registered with that state.

To reregister through the SSTRS after cancelling your registration, you must complete a new registration and receive a new SSTID.