What are the benefits of using a CAS?
What are the benefits of using a Certified Automated System (CAS)?

Tax Calculation Software - A seller that uses a CAS will have software that will determine the taxability of the product or service sold, the tax rate of the product or service, and the taxing jurisdictions to report the tax for.

Liability Relief - The seller will not be assessed for errors resulting from incorrect tax calculations resulting from the seller or the CAS relying on erroneous data a member state provided on tax rates, boundaries, taxing jurisdictions or incorrect data on the library section of the state’s taxability matrix.

Compensation - The seller will receive an allowance from each state in which the seller does not have a legal requirement to be registered.  The compensation is a percentage of the tax due, for a period not to exceed 24 months.   This allowance is in addition to any discount or other allowance the state may provide.