Frequently Asked Questions

The Streamline registration system is only for sellers who plan to register in Arkansas, Georgia,Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Utah, Vermont, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming . The system allows a seller to also register in Ohio or Tennessee. A seller that intends to register for one state, or a few states, should not use this system.

Question 1:  What is the purpose of the Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement?  ANSWER  

Question 2:  Where can I find a copy of the Agreement?  ANSWER  

Question 3:   What is a member state?  ANSWER  

Question 4:   What is an Associate Member State & are sellers required to register with them?  ANSWER  

Question 5:   What does it mean to register under the Streamlined Sales & Use Tax AgreementANSWER    

Question 6:  Am I required to register for sales or use tax using this registration system?  ANSWER   

Question 7:   What are the benefits of registering under the Agreement?   ANSWER      

Question 8:   What is a Technology Model?  ANSWER   

Question 9:   Who are the Certified Service Providers?   ANSWER     

Question 10:
  Who provides a Certified Automated System?   ANSWER   

Question 11:  What if my company does not meet the definition of a volunteer seller is amnesty still available?   ANSWER   

Question 12:   What are the amnesty limitations?   ANSWER    

Question 13:  Is there a fee to register under the Agreement?   ANSWER    

Question 14:   Will a seller be notified when a new member state joins?  ANSWER    

Question 15:  May I use the SST registration even if I have a legal obligation to register in a state?   ANSWER   

Question 16:
   If my company is already registered in some of the member states how will this affect my Streamlined registration?  ANSWER   

Question 17:   What do I do if I registered mistakenly with Streamlined, or I no longer want to participate?

Question 18:   I registered with Streamlined and am now registered in more states than I want. May I cancel in the states in which I do no business?   ANSWER    

Question 19:  My company went out of business. If I cancel will I lose my amnesty?   ANSWER    

Question 20:   What are the requirements for filing returns?   ANSWER    

Question 21:  How are payments handled?   ANSWER    

Question 22:   I do not remember my password. How to I find it?   ANSWER   

Question 23:  Are sellers issued an SST ID number for each state?  ANSWER   

Question 24:   Who can be contacted if sellers need help with technical problems?  ANSWER   

Question 25:   What is meant by FEIN/SSN?   ANSWER    

Question 26:   I mistakenly used the wrong FEIN when I registered. How do I fix it?  ANSWER   

Question 27:   What is entered in Legal Name?  ANSWER   

Question 28:   What is meant by State of Incorporation or Organization?   ANSWER   

Question 29:   What will be mailed to the mailing address?   ANSWER    

Question 30:  What is the SSTP Beginning Effective Date?  ANSWER     

Question 31:  What if a seller registered and used the wrong effective date?   ANSWER   

Question 32:  What is a NAICS code?   ANSWER 

Question 33:
  I  got a confirmation number when I updated my information. Will I use that number if I need to update again?   ANSWER   

Question 34:  The company originally registered has been acquired and the contact person is no longer with the company. How do I change the contact information and email address?   ANSWER  

Question 35:   What is the definition of volunteer seller for purposes of CSP compensation?   ANSWER 

Question 36:   What is Indicate Your Seller Registry Status?   ANSWER     

Question 37:  What does it mean if I select a state to register to start collecting sales tax?   ANSWER  

Question 38:    What does it mean if I select a state where I am already registered to collect sales tax?

Question 39:  What does it mean to request additional registration information?   ANSWER