Federal Legislation Implementation Committee

The Federal Legislation Implementation Committee was establishedby the Executive Committee of the Governing Board. It has the responsibility to develop, review, recommend and coordinate actions that support changes deemed appropriate to assist both the business community and states with implementation of federal legislation granting remote vendor collection authority for sales tax.

Members of the committee are:

Richard Dobson (KY)  - Chair

Debra Bierbaum (AT&T)
Russ Brubaker (Fed-Tax)
Charles Collins (ADP)
Christie Comanita (AZ)
Mark Haskins  (VA)
Tim Jennrich  (WA)
Craig Johnson (SSTGB)
Jerry Johnson  (Fed-Tax)
Carol Knowes  (IL)
Fred Nicely (COST)
Scott Peterson (Avalara)
Nancy Prosser  (TX)
Ellen Thompson  (NE)
Eric Key  (TX)
Diane Yetter  (Sales tax Institute)
David Steines  (WI)
Diane Hardt  (WI)