There are no meetings scheduled at this time.

Current Assigned Tasks:

Develop contact points for local and state business associations, other groups and interested parties that should be included with a national database and potential listserve.   Fred Nicely, Tim Jennrich, and Ellen Thompson

Set up meeting with Amazon and other interested parties to discuss and further map out the Consolidated Provider concept anticipated in federal legislation.  Russ Brubaker, Charles Collins and Joan Wagnon

Investigate and estimate the number of new filers that should be anticipated.  Charles Collins and Diane Hardt

Development guidance for a state by state listing of exempt TPP.  Ellen Thompson

Perform additional analysis on frontend and backend central registration to facilitate expanded use by CSP’s, retailers and states.  David Thompson, Gary Centlivre, Eric Key, Mark Haskins and Terry Charlton

Development of various FAQ’s for businesses and states for posting on the SST website.  Craig Johnson, Nancy Prosser and David Thompson