What does it mean to register through the Streamlined Sales Tax Registration System (SSTRS)?

Answer:  This SSTRS is a quick and easy way for you to register for a sales and use tax account in all Streamlined member states.      

When you register through the SSTRS you will be issued a sales tax account to collect and remit sales and use tax in  ALL Streamlined full member states and in each contingent and associate member state you choose.  Once registered you must collect and remit sales and use taxes for all taxable sales into these states.

You will also automatically be registered in any state that becomes a Streamlined full member state after your registration, but you will have the choice to register in any state that becomes a contingent or associate member state.

Your sales tax account ID number (SSTID) is issued when you submit the registration.  The SSTID is used in all full member states and those contingent and associate member states you registered for.

Most member states will provide you information about their state’s sales and use tax requirements.  If you have questions for a specific state, please contact that state directly. The SSTRS has a link to state contact information.

States may require additional information if you have a legal obligation to collect a state’s sales tax if you are not already registered in that state.  If states need additional information, they will contact you.  

Already registered in one or more states?  You may still use the SSTRS.  Simply check the box next to the state(s) indicating you are “Already Registered”.  The information will help prevent states from issuing duplicate registrations.