Registration (New, Updating, Cancelling)
Question 1:  What does it mean to register under the Streamlined Sales & Use Tax Agreement?  ANSWER 

Quesiton 2: Am I required to register for sales or use tax using this registration system?  Article III, Section 303  SSUTA?  ANSWER  

Question 3: What are the benefits of registering under the Agreement?   ANSWER  

Question 4:  What is a Technology Model?  ANSWER   

Question 5:  If my company does not meet the definition of a volunteer seller is amnesty still available?   ANSWER 

Question 6:  What are the amnesty limitations?  ANSWER   

Question 7:  Is there a fee to register under the Agreement?   ANSWER   

Question 8:  Will a seller be notified when a new member state joins?   ANSWER

Question 9:  May I use the SST registration even if I have a legal obligation to register in a state?   ANSWER  

Question 10:  If my company is already registered in some of the member states, how will this affect my Streamlined registration?   ANSWER   

Question 11:  What do I do if I registered mistakenly with Streamlined, or I no longer want to participate?  ANSWER 

Question 12:  I registered with Streamlined and am now registered in more states than I want. May I cancel in the states in which I do no business?   ANSWER  

Question 13:  I do not remember my password. How to I find it?  ANSWER    

Question 14:  Are sellers issued an SST ID number for each state?   ANSWER   

Question 15:  Who can be contacted if sellers need help with technical problems?  ANSWER   

Question 16:
  My company went out of business. If I cancel will I lose my amnesty?  ANSWER    

Question 17:  What is meant by FEIN/SSN?   ANSWER     

Question 18:  I mistakenly used the wrong FEIN when I registered. How do I fix it?   ANSWER    

Question 19:  What is entered in Legal Name?   ANSWER    

Question 20:  What is meant by State of Incorporation or Organization?   ANSWER    

Question 21:  What will be mailed to the mailing address?    ANSWER   

Question 22:  What is the SSTP Beginning Effective Date?   ANSWER   

Question 23:  What if a seller registered and used the wrong effective date? The company will not be ready to begin collecting in each state by the effective date that they submitted?   ANSWER   

Question 24:  What is a NAICS code?   ANSWER    

Question 25:   I got a confirmation number when I updated my information. Will I use that number if I need to update again?   ANSWER     

Question 26:  How can a seller update their registration information?  ANSWER

Question 27:  The company originally registered has been acquired and the contact person is no longer with the company. How do I change the contact information and email address?    ANSWER 

Question 28:  What is the Definition of volunteer seller for purposes of CSP compensation?   ANSWER  

Question 29:  What is Indicate Seller Registry Status?   ANSWER      

Question 30:  What does it mean if I select a state to register to start collecting sales tax?  ANSWER  

Question 31:  What does it mean if I select a state where I am already registered to collect sales tax?   ANSWER  

Question 32:  What does it mean to request additional registration information?  ANSWER   

Question 33:  How long does a model 1 seller have between the time they register until they are required to submit their first Simplified Electronic Return (SER)?     ANSWER