Registration (New, Updating, Cancelling)

Streamlined Sales Tax Registration System (SSTRS) FAQs
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General Registration Information

1. What does it mean to register through the SSTRS?
2. Am I required to register for sales or use tax using the SSTRS?
3. What are the benefits of registering through the SSTRS?
4. May I use the SSTRS even if I have a legal obligation to register in a state?
5. My company is already registered in some states. How will this affect my registration?
6. Will I receive a tax ID number for each state?
7. Will I be notified when a new member state joins Streamlined?
8. Is there a fee to register through the SSTRS?
9. What is an Associate State and do I need to register with them?

Cancelling or Ending Your Registration

1. What should I do if I mistakenly registered through the SSTRS, or I no longer want to participate?
2. May I cancel my registration through the SSTRS in the states in which I do no business?
3. How do I cancel or end my registration through the SSTRS?

Registration System Data Field Explanations

1. What is the "Identification Number"?
2. I entered the wrong FEIN when I registered. How do I fix it?
3. What is meant by Type of Entity?
4. What is entered in the "Business (Legal) Name"?
5. What is meant by "State of Incorporation or Organization"?
6. What is a NAICS code?
7. What will be mailed to the mailing address?
9. What is the "Date of first sales after completing this registration”?
10. What if I entered the wrong "Date of first sales" when registering? I will not be ready to begin collecting
       in each state by the date I entered.
11. What does "Already Registered" in a state mean?

Updating Your Registration

1. How can I update my registration information?
2. The contact person is no longer with our company. How do I change the contact information?
3. I do not remember my password. How do I find it?
4. I got a confirmation number when I updated my information. What is that number for?

Technical Help

1. Who should I contact if I need help with technical problems related to my registration?


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