Returns and Payments

Question 1:  What are the requirements for filing returns?   ANSWER

Question 2:  How are payments handled?  ANSWER   

Question 3:   Who can be contacted if sellers need help with technical problems?  ANSWER

Question 4:  When is a Simplified Electronic Return (SER) due if the twentieth day of the month falls on a weekend or legal holiday?  ANSWER   

Question 5:  What is Part 2 of the SER?   ANSWER    

Question 6:  How long does a model 1 seller have between the time they register until they are required to submit their first Simplified Electronic Return (SER)?   ANSWER    

Question 7:  Can a model 4 seller file a SER?   ANSWER    

Question 8:  Can sellers not registered under the agreement file a SER?   ANSWER    

Question 9:  How are taxes collected from sellers remitted by the Certified Service Provider (CSPs)?  ANSWER