State and Local Advisory Council

The State and Local Government Advisory Council (SLAC) is an advisory body whose purpose is to provide a forum for state and local government officials not represented on the Governing Board.  SLAC provides them the ability to express their ideas and concerns and have a formal process to bring those concerns to the Governing Board.  SLAC advises the Governing Board on matters pertaining to admitting states; noncompliance; and interpretations, revisions or additions to the Agreement. The SLAC has a chair and vice chair appointed by the President and an elected steering committee.

SLAC Steering Committee
Richard Dobson (KY) - Chair
Laura Stanley (OH) - Vice Chair
Dave Steines (WI)
Christie Comanita (AZ)
Blaine Kreikemeier (NE)
Chris McNeal (AR)
Alison Jares (SD)
Mike Bailey - Government Finance Officers Association
Robert Scott - National League of Cities