Streamlined Sales Tax Registration System (SSTRS)

Upon completion of this registration you will have a sales tax account and will be required to collect, report and remit the applicable sales and use tax in ALL the following Streamlined member states.
                           Arkansas, Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, 
                           Minnesota, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, North Carolina, North   
                           Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Utah,
                           Vermont, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.
                           *Registration in Tennessee is optional.

No sales in a state?   When completing your registration, you may indicate you will have no sales in a state(s). You will be issued a license for that state(s), but will not be required to file returns until you have sales in that state(s).

Do NOT complete this registration if:

      1. You do not want to be registered to collect and remit the applicable sales and use tax in
           ALL Streamlined member states in which you make sales
. Instead, register directly with each
           state in which you are doing business.

      2. You are contracting with a Certified Service Provider (CSP). Instead, contact the CSP. Once
           you have entered into a contract with the CSP, the CSP can complete the registration for you.

After registration, use the SSTRS to:
1. Update your account information in all Streamlined member states.
2. End your registration all Streamlined member states.   (How to End Your Registration Instructions)

                   Register Here for Sales Tax in ALL Streamlined Full Member States