Audit and Compliance

Question 1:   Is there any difference in how audits are performed for a model 1 seller, as opposed to a model 2, model 3 or model 4 seller?  ANSWER

Question 2:   If a model 1 seller registers under Streamlined, does it mean it will be contacted for audit by all fifty states?   ANSWER

Question 3:  Does a CSP need a power of attorney to discuss a model 1 seller’s return?  ANSWER

Question 4:  Can a Certified Service Provider (CSP) change a seller from non-volunteer to a volunteer for purposes of compensation?  ANSWER

Question 5:    Can a CSP get compensation for a model 1 volunteer seller if the tax is not paid by the due date?        ANSWER

Question 6:  Can all businesses use the SST exemption certificate?    ANSWER

Question 7:  Is there a monetary allowance for Certified Automated System (CAS) users? ANSWER  

Question 8:  What is personally identifiable information (PII)?   ANSWER