CSP Applicants


If you are interested in becoming a Certified Service Provider (CSP), please send an email to the SSTGB Executive Director indicating your interest.

The Executive Director will notify the Certification Committee Chairperson, who will you send a self-assessment questionnaire to complete and return.

Upon receipt of the completed questionnaire, the Executive Director will notify the states of the application and the time line stated in Appendix A will begin.

Review all CSP Requirements and Processes documents to become familiar with the CSP Requirements.



CSP Requirements and Processes Documents

1.  Appendix A- SST Certification Process for Certified Service Providers

2.  Appendix C - Minimum CSP Standards

3.  Appendix E - Testing Process for Certified Service Providers and Automated Systems

4.  Appendix F - SST Reports

5.  Appendix G - Certification Standards

6.  SSTGB Rules, Article V

7.  Technology Guide and Schemas

8.  Current CSP Contract



FAQs - about Certified Service Providers

Audit FAQs

Are there differences in audits of sellers that use a CSP and those that don't?
What is personally identifiable information?
Will a seller that contracts with a CSP be audited by all states?

CSP Compensation FAQs

Can a seller's status change for purposes of CSP compensation?
Does a CSP get compensation for use tax a seller reports through the CSP on items the seller uses?
Does a CSP get compensation if the taxes are not remitted to the state by the due date?
Does a remote seller qualify for free CSP services?
Is there a monetary allowance for CAS users?


How does the CSP remit the tax collected from sellers?