Michael Walsh (NE)
1st Vice President 
   Senator Curt Bramble (UT)
2nd Vice President 
   Lance Wilkinson (MI)
   Richard Dobson (KY)


Senator Ann Rest (MN)
Laura Stanley (OH)
Nate Weber (WI) 
Representative Adam Smith (KS)
Representative Jason Dockter (ND) 

Immediate Past President

Senator Tim Reed (SD) (2024)

Executive Committee


The Executive Committee is an elected body that is responsible for the general affairs of the Governing Board.

The committee is comprised of five Directors and four Officers who are elected by the Governing Board and the immediate past president. Any duly appointed representative of a State is eligible to service as a Director or Officer. No more than one Officer or Director may be from the same state.

Primary Responsibilities Include:

  • Managing the general affairs of the Governing Board
  • Determining staffing needs
  • Entering into contracts on behalf of the Governing Board
  • Developing recommendations related to the sanctions for member states that are not in compliance with the SSUTA

Reference: ByLaws, Article Six