Megan Martin (ND)

Rachel Williams (SD)


Audit Core Team

Steve Krovitz (MN)

Shannon Hugel (WA)

Karla Koehler (NE)


Audit Committee Material

Audit Rule 806.3

Current CSP Contract (2018-2020)

CAS Provider Contract 2009  -  AD10009

Annual Representation - Appendix O (2016-10)

SST Model 1, 2. and 3 Flowcharts  (2009)  -  AD10016

Audit Documents for State Auditors of CSPs

Audit Manual (June 2011)- AD11001

Core Team Audit Timeline (2020) - AD10015A02

Who, What, Where, When (2019)- AD11003A01

Audit Contact List (2020-03) - AD11002A01

Liability Relief  (2016-07) -  AD10012

State Auditor Audit Timeline (2020) - AD14003A01

State Tax Compliance Feedback Audit Report (2020) - AD14006A01

StateAuditor CSP Audit Training

SSTGB State Auditor Training (2016)

Tax Exemption Certificate Training - AD14004

Data Analysis Document - Contact your state audit rep

CSP Questionnaires

Executive Director - AD10003

Contractor - AD10004-2019

State Representative- AD10005-2019

CAS Questionnaires 2017

Executive Director - AD10006

Contractor  - AD10007

State Representative - AD10008  

Model 2 Audit Information  (2009-03) AD10019



Prior CAS - CSP Operating Contracts (links to library Contract section)

Audit Training Presentations

Tax Exemption Certificate Training - AD14004