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Agreement Documents

  • Agreement (SSUTA)
  • Rules
  • ByLaws
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Appendixes

Amendments to SSUTA

Amendments to Rules

Amendments to ByLaws

Agreement Report of Changes 
(changes made during the year)

Governing Board



Meeting Publications




Forms & Guides




Includes presentations by SSTGB and presentations from SSTGB meetings




State Documents

Documents on state membership and compliance with the SSUTA. 

Certificate of Compliance

Certificate of Compliance Updates
(sort by date to view newest updates)

Membership Petitions

Recertification Letters

State NonCompliance Statements

Taxability Matrix
(Matrix shows state's use of definitions and taxability of defined products)

Taxability Matrix Updates 
(sort by date to view newest updates)


Boundary Files

Rate Files


  • Technology Guide
  • Schema - Registration, SER
  • Basic SER Fields