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Filing Sales and Use Tax Returns


For information on a specific state's requirements about filing, paying, tax rates, taxation of products, or exemptions, please contact that state.

You are required to file and remit the tax directly to each state unless you indicated when you registered that you do not have and did not anticipate having sales in a state.   

The Streamlined Sales Tax Registration System is only for registration. No returns are filed through Streamlined.


Stopped having sales in a state?

If you do not have sales in a state but need to be registered in the other Streamlined Member States, you can contact that state and request to be put on a nonfiling or inactive status.  The state cannot cancel your registration but may change your account so you do not need to file returns until sales are made in that state again.


Did you contract with a Certified Service Providers (CSP)?

If you contracted with a CSP, the CSP will file your return and remit your tax to each Streamlined Member State each month.  The CSP will file a Simplified Electronic Return (SER).   

If you are required to collect and remit taxes in a state before the date the CSP will begin providing services, you can register through the Streamlined Sales Tax Registration System (SSTRS) at anytime. The CSP will update your account when their services begin. You are responsible for collecting the tax and filing the returns until the CSP begins providing services to you.


Did you end your contract with a Certified Service Provider (CSP)?

If you stop using a CSP, you are responsible for filing returns with each state until you have another CSP under contract.



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