Certified Service ProvidersTM (CSPTM)

The following providers are certified by the Streamlined Sales Tax™ Governing Board.


The following CSP's systems are certified by the Streamlined Sales Tax States, but they are not currently offering free services under Streamlined's CSP program.


What is a Certified Automated System (CAS)


A CAS is software certified under the Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement that is designed for a seller that wants to use certified tax calculation software but keep the responsibility for filing returns and remitting the tax in-house. 

The software system of a CAS interfaces with the seller's accounting system to:   
  1. identify which products and services are taxable,    
  2. apply the appropriate tax rate,
  3. maintain a record of the transaction, and   
  4. determine the amount of tax to report and pay to the Streamlined member states.

A seller that uses a CAS is responsible for filing the tax returns, paying the taxes dues to each of the Streamlined states, and resolving any notices or audits by any of the Streamlined member states.

Each Streamlined full member, contingent member and associate member state has certified the accuracy of the software and will provide liability relief for incorrect tax calculation based on that certification.  



Interested in Contracting with a CAS Provider?

Sovos is the only CAS provider under contract with the SSTGB.