Certified Providers

The following providers are certified by the Streamlined Sales Tax Governing Board.

**Exactor and Taxify CSP's systems are certified by the Streamlined States, but they are not currently offering free services under Streamlined's CSP program.


Accurate Tax


Tools solution from AccurateTax.com.  TaxTools is readily available for integration with your online shopping cart solution.  With a track record of over ten years of delivering high quality, successful implementations for the entire Sales Tax Lifecycle, AccurateTax.com has worked with customers throughout the SMB arena and the Fortune 500. 

As a Certified Service Provider, the TaxTools solution is focused on delivering top quality and  SSTP-compliant services that are affordable and easy to use. The AccurateTax.com TaxTools suite brings SSTP-certified rules and transactions to the online point of sale for retailers of all market sizes and makes it easy for you, as a retailer to ensure you are calculating, collecting, reporting and remitting the most accurate tax information possible.  AccurateTax.com TaxTools are easily integrated into your online stores, as we offer ready-made, plug-in solutions for a variety of software platforms, as well as a custom API for any other integration need you may have.  

Email: info@accuratetax.com

Website: http://www.accuratetax.com

Phone: 866-400-2444