Senator Tim Reed (SD)

Lisa Haws (OK)
Tim Jennrich (WA)
Senator Wayne Harper (UT)
Richard Dobson (KY)
Andrew Furuseth (NC)
Shannon Fleischer (ND)
Senator Ann Rest (MN)

Larry Molnar (IN)



Nominating Committee


The committee actively seeks candidates for nominations as Officers and Directors of the Executive Committee.

The committee is comprised of eight people that are elected by the Governing Board.  Committee members must be delegates to the Governing Board. 

The President services as a member and chair of the nominating committee.    

Members serve one year terms with no more than three consecutive terms.

The current one-year term ends December 31, 2021

Primary Responsibility:

  • Seek candidates for nomination as Officers and Directors for the Executive Committee

Reference: By Laws, Article Seven, Section 1