SLAC Chair

Alison Jares (SD) - Chair

Dave Matelski (MI) - Vice-Chair


SLAC Steering Committee

Richard Dobson (KY)
Sara Caldwell (OH)
Blaine Kreikemeier (NE)
Merry Hopkins (MN)
Mike Bailey - Government Finance Officers Association
Dave Schmeidecke - US Conference of Mayors 


SLAC Delegates

SLAC - Workgroups


Workgroups are formed to research specific issues and will meet by teleconference as needed.  If you are interested in participating in any of the workgroups please email Bobbie Stellner



SLAC Workgroups

2021-07 Personal Protective Equipment Definition
2021-03 Digital Goods Sourcing
2021-02 Exemption Certificates
2021-01 Food and Food Ingredients - Prepared Food
2019-02 Digital Products - on hold



SLAC Prior Workgroups

2020-10 Health Care Definitions - ECG Monitors - Durable Medical Equipment - Amendments passed 5-20-2021
2020-08 Definition of Candy - All exclusion of dried cranberries AM20003A02 passed 12-18-2020
2019-08 Marketplace Facilitators & Sellers - AM21005A01 passed 5-20-2021
2019-08 Non-member State Participation - Resolutions approved 12-20-2019
2019-05 Definition Request - Breast Pumps and Supplies - AM19003 Approved 12/20/2019
2019-02 Sourcing of Services - Closed
2019-02 Simplified Electronic Return Expansion - Referred to Certification
2019-02 Notifying Sellers of "Other Taxes" - Amended Section 401.D 12-20-2019