Governing Board Teleconference - Dec 21, 2021


December 21, 2021 at 10:30 AM - December 21, 2021 at 12:00 PM


1 (646) 749-3122 Access Code: 912-637-373


Bobbie Stellner



Pursuant to Sections 803, 805, 806 and 807 of the Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement and Streamlined Sales Tax Governing Board, Inc. Rules 803, 806, 807 and 905, this message will serve as the agenda for the Streamlined Sales Tax Governing Board meeting on December 21, 2021 at 10:30 am central.  The meeting will be held by teleconference. 


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Welcome and Roll Call of Member States

Review and Approval of minutes from October 5-6, 2021 Governing Board meeting MM21004

Reports of Committees:

  • Executive Committee – Senator Ann Rest (MN), President
  • Finance Committee – Richard Dobson (KY), Chair
    • Annual Independent Audit Report (FC21008 and FC21009)
    • Financial Report – First Quarter of FYE 6/30/2022 (FC21007)
  • State and Local Advisory Council – Alison Jares (SD), Dave Matelski (MI) and Christie Comanita (SSTGB)
    • Exemption Certificates Workgroup
    • Sourcing of Digital Goods Workgroup
    • Marijuana Products Workgroup
  • Audit Committee – Megan Martin (ND) and Rachel Williams (SD)
  • Certification Committee - Tim Bennett (KY)

Review and Approval of Proposed Amendment to the SSUTA

  • Sections 305 (Local Rate and Boundary Changes), 306 (Relief From Certain Liability) and 307 (Database Requirements and Exceptions) – AM21007A02

Review and Approval of Revised Forms and Instructions

  • Exemption Certificate and Instructions – SL21018A03

January Planning Meeting – Senator Ann Rest (MN) and Tim Jennrich (WA)

Executive Director Updates and Reminders – Craig Johnson

    • Registrants and Collections
    • February/March SLAC, Audit and Certification Committee Meetings
    • Other Issues

Old Business

New Business – Open Discussion

  • Additional Agenda Item- Governing Board Approval of Use of Address Based Database MC21002A01


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