SLAC- Call for Final Comments - Interpretive Rule 401.2

Oct 7, 2019

As the Streamlined Sales Tax Governing Board SLAC Chair, I am calling for final comments on the new draft interpretive Rule 401.2 (Registration – Contacting Sellers Regarding Other Taxes) (SL19017A02), in accordance with Rule 902.1 – Interpretive Rules.  This Rule will be noticed for a vote at the December 20, 2019 Governing Board teleconference meeting. Comments must be submitted no later than November 1, 2019.

As the SLAC Chair, I have also scheduled a full SLAC meeting by teleconference for November 18, 2019 at 10:00 am central to discuss any comments received on this rule.

If you have comments with respect to this rule, please provide your comments in writing by November 1, 2019 by emailing them to the SLAC Chair, Richard Dobson at, Vice Chair, Laura Stanley at and Bobbie Stellner at

A review of the comments received during this comment period will be discussed during the SLAC teleconference meeting scheduled for:

Date:               November 18, 2019
Time:              10 am central
Location:        By Teleconference (1-608-572-7515 pass code 10033#)

We will also review and discuss the proposed amendment SL19006A03 to Section 401.D. of the Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement that goes along with this interpretive rule at the SLAC meeting.

Thank you!

Richard Dobson
Chair, State and Local Advisory Council